Friday, October 7, 2011

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Written by guest blogger Erica Martin

Leverage the obscure websites to put money into your pockets – Some sites to explore
If you look at the big picture, you will see that most people are bleeding in high interest debt and they’re not even aware of the steps that can help them earn money or save money so that they can repay their debts and lead a debt free life. Getting cash quickly is never an easy option but when it comes to the online world, you can explore a number of websites that can enable you to save and make money. If you’re thinking of enrolling yourself in any of the debt plans that are available in the country, you have to accumulate enough money to be able to make the monthly payments on time. You can leverage some obscure websites so that you can earn money and use the proceeds in repaying your multiple debt obligations. Here are some websites that you must check if you’re eager to make some bucks and also save them.
1. Doesn’t this name sound weird? But though it sounds weird it is an incredibly cool concept that offers various options for the debtors to make money. You must have heard of the e-Bay but this one is like “eBay for rentals”. You get the opportunity to rent your stuff or may be someone else’s stuff for a day or two. If you’re the owner of the stuff, just a few rents will be enough for your wallet and if you’re the renter, you can again save your bucks by renting and not buying that particular thing. Things like cameras, laptops, baby strollers are available in this website.
2. If you’re a shopper who shops by making a deal a day and doesn’t mind joining the herd of people who use coupons to shop, you must check out Coupons are always a wise way of saving your dollars and storing them for more important purposes like repaying your debt obligations. You’ll get a big coupon every day for big restaurants, retailers in many big cities across the US. Join this group immediately by signing up with their website or “Liking” them on Facebook.
3. Do you hate paying a hefty amount of money to ship all the new gadgets and the holiday gifts that are brought from across the country? Visit as soon as possible as this may solve all your financial woes related to shipping. You can grab special offers and promotional codes at variety of online stores across the web. You may even come across shipping coupons at various retailers in your city.
4. You can make a lot of money as a seller on eBay in the form of part-time business or a full-time one. Where will you get your stock from? How will you get started? Sign up as you’ll get a free account and start off by using your own unused goods so that you can make money at the auction. Wait for the right bidder in order to strike the best deal.
No matter how many dollars you make through such websites, you won’t be able to lead a financially free life until you save the earned money. Enroll yourself with any of the debt plans is not the ultimate solution to your financial woes. Earn dollars by leveraging the innovative websites mentioned above and repay your debts.

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