Monday, September 12, 2011

My greatest savings part 1

I will talk about this first, then go backwards. I only want to talk about this greatest savings because it's my most favorite. I this July was able to take my family of 6, two adults and 4 children under 10 to Walt Disney World Fla on vacation for a combined total of days on vacation.... 9 nights, 10 days. WHOO HOOOO
Not only that, we stayed in a suite at the Walt Disney World Dolphin. Not to shabby if I do say so myself.
OK, so this is how I did it. My husband and I well, more me than him decided back in April, OK the boys are older, this year we go away on vacation. My first suggestion Disney, his a beach house. Absolutely nothing wrong with a beach house, but to me it seemed well, boring. However, he did not want to go to Disney, somehow I was able to convince him, like most wives can do. He agreed, only if we could do it without breaking the bank. Ahhhh a challenge.. My search began. *** tip *** plan early!!!
I started with google. I absolutely love google, as much as I love Amazon. I use Google like it's my own personal assistant. When I need to find something, I type it into to Google as if I was asking a person.
I started my search. I figured well lets start at the top, I went to the official Disney website and knowing it would be an arm and a leg I had to get a starting point. I put in the information what we wanted and out came a price of $7500.00. I was not expecting that. **** tip **** write down everything.
Into my notebook labeled summer vaca was the details of the quote of this trip. Now, this included airfare, park tickets, the meal plan hotel.
OK, so that was not going to happen. I started browsing through the travel websites, Expedia, Cheap Tickets, etc. In my head, I did not want to stay somewhere that we had to rent a car. A Disney hotel, because of the Disney bus service. After what seemed like days of searching and getting more and more disappointed I fell upon a deal on Expedia, that was for one or two days for only. Disney Dolphin was having a promo, book now save more than half a night. With 6 of us, a regular room isn't big enough. I put in our info into the Expedia site just for the hotel stay. For 6 nights, 7 days it quoted me $720.00. What????? is this some sort of joke?! I did it again, I called my husband Kevin at work and had him do the same search, I called the hotel directly and they quoted me the same price. HOLY ****!
I called Kevin back and told him, and he was eh still about the whole thing. We went back and forth with the pros and con's and he said listen, you've been doing all this research if you think it's a great deal, then go for it. I am going to leave this up to you at this point. SWEET!!!
I thought and thought and then finally I called the hotel asked a few questions. I decided to book the hotel over the phone because with the 6 of us, I needed to make sure we had a suite. After taking all my info, she quoted me a way different price. I told her what I had found online, she said impossible. I said I'm looking right at it. She said well you'll have to book via Expedia. I said thank you very much and after a few clicks our Disney vacation was underway.
**** Tip *** print or write down everything you do
After the planning of this trip was over, my small notebook looked like a diary.
My biggest suggestion, is to print. If you can't print at the time of booking, save the page or even better take a screen shot of the page you're looking at. Save it as a word document and create a folder to print later on. You can't go wrong if you have proof of everything you do.

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